Watercolor Classes

I’ve taught watercolor classes privately and in classrooms in college, art schools, senior centers, and hotel resorts.

The watercolor technique I teach is wet on wet, with no drawing skills necessary. Water is fluid, and has a mind of its own. Fighting it is not the way to create good results. It is a dance, an interacting tandem between you and the medium. To treat it this way allows you freedom from control and rigidity, and allows the water to do its magic with the paints.

My classes are for beginners as well as advance students. Because it is a specialized technique that involves a free-flowing way of painting that is fun and fulfilling, without the constraints of painting within the lines, it appeals to students of any level. Many watercolor artists who want to break free from those constraints get breakthroughs from learning this technique and a new approach to painting.

Adults and children (minimum age is eight) enjoy learning this watercolor technique. The best part of it is you get a finished painting you can be proud of by the end of the class! Please contact me if you’re interested.